Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tikkunim Chadashim - Tikkun 59

And for the whole strong hand - In the 1000 years, which are the 1000 unholy days (of galut), that thus it needs to be, that during them, the Sitra Achra is in charge, as has been explained.

And for the great terror - In the rest of the years (after the 1000), until the Geulah Sheimah will be ready. That all those years (after the 1000), the Sitra Achra is afraid for sure from the day of the Geulah. And at the time that Yisrael blows the shofar, it is frightened, because of another shofar that is aroused, and that is Imma that awakes due to Am Yisrael's teshuvah, that the upper Heh (Imma) returns on the children.

After the teshuvah, the lower Heh (Shechinah) will return to its place, upon all of those that have been pulled after her. And Imma will stretch out downwards. Then a flame goes out from her, as it is said about her "and the flame burned up the wicked" (Tehillim 106:18), and it says about her "And the house of Yaakov will be fire and the house of Yosef a flame (Ovadyah 1:18). And fire - that is the fire that stands to refine Yisrael, as it is said about them: "And He will sit as a refiner" (Malachi 3:3). And afterwards that flame will arise at the end of it all, and will burn all the sinners, as it says "burned up the wicked" (Tehillim 106:18).

And further, and all the strong hand, this.

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