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Tikkunim miZohar Chadash

This is a portion that is found on page 6 of the girsah printed with the GR"A's commentary. I'm also putting in selected parts of the GR"A's commentary.

… And because of this, it is said about the Tsaddik vayechulu, that ע"ב goes out, in which the 3 forefathers are included, about whom it is said בכ"ל מכ"ל כ"ל, and in these 3 levels “and I will see her” to the Shechinah, to remember the eternal covenant – in Tsaddik, which is the 6th millennium, the 6th day, and took the right side which is Chesed which is made up of ע"ב.

[Beiur HaGR"A - Now he explains all the pesukim that he brought before, that is to say that the 6th millenium will be the Geulah, and all the kitzim are after ע"ב in the 6th millenium as is written further on, and that is "and the rainbow is seen in the cloud", that is to say ע"ב which is the cloud, as above, and the 6th millenium is the rainbow, then "and I will see her", and that is the 6th day, the 6th millenium, Vayechulu, which is equal to ע"ב, then "and He rested", which is the Geulah, and that is what is written "the 6th millenium is a day", etc.]

And of this it is said (Daniel 12) “And you, go to the Keitz, and rest in Tsaddik and stand for your destiny for the Keitz of the Right, that it is its right, “For eye to eye they will see when Hashem returns Tzion and takes in עב of the middle column of it, (Breishit) “and it will be a separation between water and water”

And of this it is said “To my heart I revealed (it), to the ministering angels I didn’t reveal (it). To my heart I revealed it, to my limbs I didn’t reveal (it) [text is missing here]

(It appears that there is a Keitz) in every single generation according to their merit, in every leader of the generation, because the majority of the generation goes after them, and if the sins become great, the redemption is delayed until another generation. And because of this, all the Kitzim have passed, and it is all dependent upon Teshuvah and the merit of the midah of each generation. But the Keitz and time that HaKadosh Baruch Hu has set is not dependent on merit and character of any generation but rather it is dependent on Him, it is says (Yeshayahu 48) “For Me, For Me, I will do”, (Yehezkel 20) “And I will do it for My Name”.

And due to this, every Keitz on every level is according to the merit of man, but the Keitz of HaKadosh Baruch Hu (ר"ל דעד"א) is not dependent on their merit.

And there is ע"ב after (1) the 5th millennium (2) according to that midah, and there is ע"ב after 1200 (3) according to that midah, and there is 235 according to that midah, and there is 256 (4) according to that midah, and after that is “for eye to eye they will see”. (This paragraph is according to the Girsah of the GR”A in his hagahot)

(1) [Beiur HaGR"A - That after all of the kitzim there needs to be 70 years of Chevlei Moshiach, as it says in the Introduction to Tikkunei Zohar that there is a gzar din of 70 years which are 70 years etc, and there are those that add 2, as is brought in Raya Mehemna Parshat Pinchas page 249, that at 70 she starts and at 2 she gives birth]

(2) [Beiur HaGR"A - That is the Keitz of all Chochmah, for thousands is in Keter, hundreds in Chochmah and Binah, and tens in the 7 lower Sefirot.

(3) [Beiur HaGR"A - In Chesed as above, and this is the Keitz that the Zohar chooses in every place, in the Introduction of Tikkunei Zohar as above, in Raya Mehemna as above, because this Keitz is from ע"ב of Chesed as above.]

(4) [Beiur HaGR"A - That is to say ע"ב afterwards, and this is based on what is above, and this is the Keitz of Malchut, that Yesod is called רנ"ו, as is written in the Introduction to Tikkunei Zohar, that thousands are for Keter, hundreds for Chochmah and Binah, 50's for Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, for up to that point the 50 gates of Binah spread, and 6 in Yesod, the small Vav, which is the 6th day, about which it is said Vayechulu, gematria 72, as above, then He rested on the 7th day, Malchut]

There is another Keitz, 245 according to that midah, and this level of desire that will be (with?) HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Two other Kitzim I will (describe) at length, and that is all calculations and gematriot of kitzim are spices of wisdom.

From Keter above, there is no keitz or calculation, as is said in Sefer Yetzirah “and before 1, what can you count?”

The head of all kitzim is Chochmah, and the end of all kitzim is Tsadik (Yesod)…

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