Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Book

I just picked up an interesting new sefer yesterday called Nefesh Eliyahu, on the study of Kabbalah in general. Many different things brought from the GR"A and Ramchal. Short book, 152 pages (and that is the end of the 4th appendix).


  1. On the title page it says:

    הגאון הגדול
    רבי ישראל אליהו וינטרויב שליט"א
    בני ברק ה' תשס"ט

    If I read correctly, the author seems to imply that the prophecy about 5600 is related to the time of Ateret haYesod.

  2. Rav Yisroel Elyah Weintraub was I think the first to ban the books of Rav Slifkin...

  3. I searched zoo torah and I found reference to Rav Elyah Weintraub. No Yisrael. I'm not baki on names so I don't know if that is a different person or not.

  4. I retract. Searching zoo torah in Hebrew gets his full name.

  5. He is known as the baki in Kabbalas HaGra in Charedi circles. He teaches Rav Chaim Kanievski (and others) kabbala. He has also written extensively about the Gra's shita on the Erev Rav and Ikvesa D'Meshicha.

  6. It is an interesting presentation of ideas. The actual book itself is less than 80 pages, the rest is appendices, and clarifications of earlier ideas.

    He deals with the essence of the nimshal, and agav deals with the levels of nevuah, and other concepts.

    He takes the keitz from the intro to Tikkunei Zohar, page 4 about the year 5100 very literally, calling it the first possible keitz of the 6th millennium.