Sunday, June 14, 2009

On the Speech

The main question I had was whether or not he would give in to Obama. He didn't. It was obvious that he wouldn't necessarily make the Right happy, but he did his job and did not give in to the Left.


  1. I agree. The Arabs must accept the Jewish state, to get a state that is not really sovereign. Why not a real state? Because, in view of the reality of the Arab world, we will not trust their acceptance of a Jewish state. He is showing that the thing is impossible.

  2. And if Arafat wouldn't take Camp David, a weakling like their current leader wouldn't take Bibi's offer.

  3. the left isn't happy, the right isn't happy ... but let's see if the right is stupid enough to bring Bibi down and give us Tzippi

  4. The fear of the right is that this could be the beginning of real capitulation. Suppose that the Arabs in some united fashion will publically accept a Jewish state within the pre-67 borders, on condition that the Palestinian state will be fully sovereign.

  5. I think the Left is absolutely correct that Bibi has put a break on the "peace" process, because he has put conditions upon them that they will never accept. It doesn't matter how far he goes towards them so long as he presents them with demands that are game-stoppers for them.

    Bibi is the best that we merit now, and what we are seeing seems to be the worst case scenario on how the break with the West occurs: against our will.

  6. To bow to the world's demands would mean suicide. Yet, I could imagine Kadima would have gone that path, to back out only after the next batch of suffering.

  7. Baruch Hashem we don't have Kadimah now.

  8. The only way forward is for someone to stand up and quote the first rashi of beraishit.telling the people that it is a religious war 4000 years old and not a political war or border dispute.
    There leaders are saying the "Truth"from there side-ITS A JIHAD
    Our leaders are lying to the people of Israel and if we dont wake up we will loose the land as it is only given to us on condition that we observe the Torah in it.
    We will claim the land from Torah Genesis and not from UN Charter.
    We will only gain respect for that if only from Hashem!
    Only a real leader will have the balls to say these things because our leaders cant do it because to do so would mean admitting that everything done by the zionist -elite uptill now has been based on a lie.
    This leader has to be moshiach.
    May he come soon before its too late