Monday, November 23, 2009

Afikei Yam - The Shmitah Cycle that Moshiach Comes

Afikei Yam - Sanhedrin 97a

ת"ר שבוע שב"ד בא בו וכו' כידוע שמלוכת משיח ב"ד הוא מלך הדר השמיני בעטרת היסוד, שע"י היה תחיית כל המלכים ע"י חסד דאתגלי בפומא דאמה כמ"ש בס"ד חד לאלף יומין זעירין אתגליא וכמ"ש רבינו הגדול בפי' שם, ולכן במוצאי שביעית הוא בא.
The Rabbis have taught, the Shmitah cycle in which ben David comes etc - As it is known, the kingdom of Moshiach ben David is (parallel to) King Hadar, the 8th, in Ateret haYesod, by whom was the resurrection of all the kings, by chesed which was revealed in puma d'amah, as it says in Sifra diTzniuta, once in a thousand small days it is revealed, and as our great rabbi said in his commentary there, and therefore he comes in the year after Shmitah.

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  1. In my understanding, Hadar, of left and right, reaches until 67 of left and right. Until the start of Ateret HaYesod, at least in Safek sense as you once suggested. Adding the Motza'ei Shevi'it requirement, from 67 of the left we reach 66 of the right, while from 67 of the right we reach 66.5 plus a year.