Monday, March 24, 2008

Zohar Vayera 1:119a

Rebbi Shimon opened up and said: "And I will remember My covenant with Yaakov" (Vayikra 26:42) . (Yaakov is written) full with a Vav, why? But in 2 sides is the secret of Chochmah, one which is a secret on the level of Chochmah, the place where Yaakov dwells, but this verse is said about the Galut of Israel, for when they are in Galus, the time that they are remembered (the House of Yaakov), they are remembered via the secret of Vav. And that is that in the 6th millenium, and the Rememberance (Pekidah) is in the secret of Vav, 6 moments and a half time and in the time of the 60th year to the bar on the door in the 6th millenium, the G-d of Heaven will raise a rememberance for the Daughter of Yaakov, and from that time until the Full Rememberance (Zechirah) will be 6 years and a half, and from that time another 6 years, and these are 72 and a half. In 66, the King Moshiach will be revealed in the Land of Galilee. And one star in the east will swallow 7 stars in the north, and a flame will be hanging in the sky for 60 days, and battles will be aroused in the world on the northern side, and 2 kings will fall in these battles, and all the nations of the world will gather on the Daughter of Yaakov, to push her out from the world, and on this time it is written "And it is a time of trouble for Yaakov, and from it he will be saved" (Yirmiyahu 30:7)

And thus the souls will finish from the body, and will need to be renewed. And the sign for this (the verse that has a hint for this) is "All of the souls that come to Yaakov to Mitzraim are 66" (Breishit 46:26).

At 73, all the kings of the world will gather in the large city of Rome, and HaKadosh Baruch Hu will arouse upon them fire and hail and algabish stones, and they will be lost from the world, except for those kings that didn't go to there, and they will return to fight other battles. And from that time, the King Moshiach will be aroused in the whole world, and some other nations and some other forces will gather with him, and all of B'nei Yisrael will be gathered in all those places, until the completion of those 100 years.

And thus the Vav will join with the Heh, and thus "And they will bring all of your brothers from all of the nations as an offering to Hashem" (Yeshayahu 66:20).

And the sons of Yishmael are ready at that time to arouse all the nations of the world to come upon Yerushalayim, as it says "And I will gather all of the nations to Yerushalayim for war" (Zecharya 14:2), and it is written "And the kings of the earth will gather and the rulers will take counsel on Hashem and his Moshiach" (Tehillim 2:2). And it is written "He who sits in Heaven laughs, Hashem derides them" (Tehillim 2:4). And afterwards, the small Vav will arouse to be joined, and will renew souls that were old, in order to renew the world, like it is written "Hashem will be glad in his handiwork" (Tehillim 114:31), and it is written "Hashem's glory is eternal" (Tehillim 114:31), to be joined as is proper. "Hashem will be happy with his handiwork", to bring them down (to rest) forever, to that everything will be as a new creation, to join the entire world together as one.

Happy are all those that will be around in the world at the end of the 6th millenium, to go up to Shabbat, that this is one day for HaKadosh Baruch Hu by itself, to join together as is proper, to absorb new souls, and to be in the world with those that remain in the beginning, as it is written "And it will be those found in Tzion and the remainder in Yerushalayim holy will be said to him, all those written for life in Yerushalayim.


This section does not mention the 1200 years, as the others do, but has a common denominator of 66 with the passage from the Zohar on Shemot.


  1. Do you know the exact locations in the Galilee for this revealing? I believe one is har Bental, the other is a site where today there is a tourist attraction with a movie theatre in the round and a 1st century Temple. What would the revealing entail? Also, what would the meaning be if the same revealing in the Galilee took place in Jerusalem the evening before (same Jewish day)?

  2. I know this is separate from the post, but, if prior to these events taking place, Esav would be judged in the moning. Verbally of course in Israel. Then that night (the next day on our calendar) the first revealing would take place in Jerusalem. The only place I could find a reference is in Tractate Sanhedrin. Chag Sameach

  3. I have not thought about the actual location in the Galil, and I don't see much reason to ponder it. What is the significance of all the times and locations you are mentioning?

  4. No significance, was wondering if you had any references of what I mentioned. If you knew, you would have told me. All the best.

  5. I must confess "Galilee" gave me always some question marks too.

    I have doubts about the idea that "Galilee" means an actual location. Rather more an idea of what Galilee stands for. Are there any associations or attributes with this place?

  6. The Galilee is the land of Joseph, and as such, the meaning could be that he will be an outsider. This could indicate division that might exist, and that he will rule over part of the nation first, akin to King David in Chevron.

  7. Thanks! That fits quit well.

  8. Moshiach may be cut off at the 69th "week", which is after the 66th one in which he is revealed.

    when is the 69th week? And the 66th week?

  9. 66 is in six years, 69 is 13 years later.