Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zohar Chadash: Darach Kokhav MiYaakov

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A star went out from Yaakov. Rebbe, Rebbe, so many sealed secrets are included here. He opened and said "And Hashem Elokim put sleep on the man and he slept (Breishit 2). When HaKadosh Baruch Hu created Adam HaRishon, He created him with 2 faces, and they would connect together without separation. What is the reason? For it is written "male and female He created them", without separation, and it isn't written "He created him" but "He created them".

Because they were created, they were 1 with the other, equal. What did HaKadosh Baruch Hu do? He cut them apart with a separation. He took the female from him, fixed her with a few repairs, adorned her with some adornments, and dressed her with some clothes.

In what place? In Gan Eden He fixed her. How many adornments did he adorn her (with)? 70. They are the 70 faces of the Torah. How many repairs did he repair her? 13 repairs. These are the 13 midot that the Torah is expounded with. How many clothes did he dress her with? 6. These are the 6 orders of the Mishnah, in 6 faces.

All these repairs, all these adornments, all these clothes, HaKadosh Baruch Hu did for her there in Gan Eden, and afterwards brought her to the man (Adam). And where was Adam? At the place of the point of Tzion, where the Beit HaMikdash is. And from there He took them, and brought them to Gan Eden, and blessed them the Blessing of Grooms.

And this is the secret, "a star went out from Yaakov". He went and adorned and repaired that star, which was taken from Yaakov. That because of this, it will be revealed for her who will be revealed. For this he came to her, and is drawn from above below. And sceptor will rise from Yisrael, this is the Tree of Life. And will rise: like you say (in Breishit 6) and I will stand up my covenant.

And when this will occur, "he will smite the corners of Moav", etc. All these sides are bound up in the lower tree, will pass and leave her. Then, "And the man said, this time" (Breishit 2). That is the time of enjoyment, to enjoy together and not like other times that the evil side is bound up between us. But now there is no mixture of the Sitra Achra with us, but rather "bone from my bones", and not another partnership with evil.

"Bone from my bones", light of the real enlightening vision. "And flesh from my flesh", clothing from that clothing that he was dressed in and my Upper Light. "To this will be called woman", in the upper government on the whole world, that will not leave forever. Then, "it shall break all these kingdoms to pieces, and it will stand forever" (Daniel 2:44)

"I see him, but not now" - This seeing that I see, I will see it in the future, to come together as one. "But not now", in Galus Bavel, and in that House (Beit HaMikdash) that was built by Olei Golah (Those that left the Galus for Eretz Yisrael). "I behold him" - I will in the future look at him face to face. "But not near" - rather in the last House (the 3rd Beit HaMikdash). That between this and that, it wasn't at rest, and there wasn't closeness and togetherness as is proper.

Oy Rebbe, Oy Rebbe, how difficult is this thing, how long is the time, evil upon evil, the times that Am Yisrael is in Galus, and how much will the animals control, and how much will they try to rip apart the weak of Yisrael, at every time until the End of Days.

At the time of the End of Days, according to the hour of the day, at the time that the sun shines, from the 6th Day, at the time that is ready according to the count of years, of Yovel and Shmitah together, which is רע"ד (Raa'd, 274 in Gematria) from the 6th Day. At that time a single voice is prepared to awaken at the heights of the upper heavens, a sad and bitter voice, such that hasn't been since the day that the world was created.

And that voice will be fine (דק), in secret, in bitterness, in sadness, going down and up, up and down, and thus it will say: "I had a beloved doe from the old days, but it forgot me. I had strong love with her. I remember that the form of her face was impressed on my heart and on my arm, and my love for her was strong within me, and the flames burned within me."

At that hour, he will cry three cries, one after another, and all the heavens will shake, and all the worlds will shake, until 3 voices are heard, in to the Tanin fish (נונא תנינא), and will run away 400,000 parsaot to one fish in the sea. There it will put out its traps and nets, and pull it from the sea, and bring it to the Yeshiva in the heavens, and see from it all the problems and disagreements that will be presented there. And he will be stuck there 150 days.

And at that time, HaKadosh Baruch Hu will gather all the hosts of heaven, and all the members of his Yeshivah, and He is above them all, and they are bringing before him that Tanin, and they will tie 3 knots on his neck, and take his 3 beloved ones, and return him to the place he is held. And his beloeved ones will enter one sanctuary which is called Ahavah (Love) and they will be hidden there.

And HaKadosh Baruch Hu will impose an oath on all of these hosts, and to these 2 Yeshivot, that all of them go, and hear the voice of the beloved, that He desires to hear her voice with them. At that time there will be aroused on the Holy Nation troubles, one on top of the other, with great force, and they cry out cry after cry, tears after tears, and they awaken her. And he sounds her voice out for her children.

And HaKadosh Baruch Hu calls and says, this is my doe, my friend, my dove, my complete one that sits in gardens, that would only sit in the hidden part of the cliff on the inside, like you say "All the honor of the daughter of the king is on the inside" (Tehillim 45), and now she is in the gardens (Shir HaShirim 8), boldly, like a mother going after her son, in the market and open areas of the city, in fear to make sure they won't hurt him.

My doe, my friend, look, behold all of the friends of the 2 Yeshivot are here. Friends/members of those Yeshivot are listening to your voice, make it heard! (Shir HaShirim 8) for My desire is to hear your voice.

How long it has been since I last heard your voice, that I didn't know you. Then all the inhabitants of the world were mixed, people in people, nation in nation. And he who isn't worthy to rule, they bring him to be in charge. And they bring with him foreign nations and different tongues, that don't know justice, and not the laws of rulership. And how many wars they consider making.

And in a soft lip, soft speech, he (referring to the one above who is not worthy to rule) will do as he desires, and rule. He will think some thoughts to do evil. And for the Unique Nation he will make evil decrees. Then there will be trouble upon trouble upon that Unique Nation. At that time Hakadosh Baruch Hu will be strengthened, and He will appease His doe a few different appeasements, and He will take her and raise her up from the dirt, Him and none else, and the 2 Yeshivot will remain with her.

Three kings will remain, and will awaken at 3 sides of the world on this nation, and that king that would rule with a soft mouth, will rule with great anger, and strength on the Holy Nation.

And in the 3rd month (Sivan), on the 4th of the month, at 9 and 1/2 hours, all the members of the Yeshivah will go with the doe, to the grave of the shepherd, the faithful of His house, and give him 3 voices. At the time that the sun leaves the world, and his grave will open, and the members of the Yeshivah will want to go inside, but they will not be allowed, and all will go away to their places. And She will enter, and from her will go out what will go out. And she will find Moshe sitting and toiling (in Torah), and a candle lit before him, and some incense surrounding him.

And because he saw her entering, he will stand up and they will join together, and the voices will be aroused in the heights of heaven, and HaKadosh Baruch Hu will hear, and enter the Sanctuary of Ahavah, and take from there the three beloved ones, and open for them his cave. And then that night, Moshiach will be awakened, and he will be found with them, and they will go over secrets of Torah, that entire night, like in the cave of Moshe.

And when the first morning light comes up, Moshiach will be hidden, while Moshe and the Shechinah remain there on that day, like the day of Shavuot. And the Shechinah will go up on that mountain, and there will be 3 voices heard, 1 for Avrahahm, 1 for Yitzchak, and 1 for Moshe and Yaakov. That is what is written "On a high mountain rise up for yourself, you that tell good tidings of Tzion, raise your voice with strength" (Yeshayahu 40), etc, raise up and don't be afraid, speak, etc.

Raise your voice, raise your voice, speak. This "raise your voice in power", that is Teruah. "Raise your voice and don't fear", that is Tekiah. Speak, that is Teruah Tekiah and Teruah together. And that is called Shofar Teruah. Shofar from that Teruah above.

A small shofar, for there is another one called the big shofar. This small shofar goes like the movement of a candle, and that is what is written "And the voice of the shofar goes (Shemot 19). For the other shofar is hidden away, and doesn't go. Rather this small one, he is here on the day of Shavuot, for he awakens on the day of Torah, the day of Shavuot.

And in this awakening of the shofar, that the Teruah Tekiah and Teruah awaken, will awaken the Avot from the cave, and they will go up in a wind, and come to her. And from that voice, many wicked ones in the Holy Land will die, and leave the world. And on that day the prayers of Yisrael will go up in all of their places before The Holy King. And the Avot will come together, and will be at that mountain, and Moshe will go up with them. And there he will look at the Avot, and them at him. And all will enter in to the cave of Moshe, and Moshiach will awaken to them, and they will all join together on that day.

And on that day, the 10 tribes will awaken, to do war in the 4 directions of the world with the Moshiach which will be anointed upon them, and he will receive his anointment by a righteous Kohen, the 7 Faithful Shepherds with him.

And this Moshiach is from the tribe of Efraim, the seed of Yerovam ben Nevat, the son of Aviyah, that died in his youth, and that day that he died, there was a son born to him, and he was taken from the house of Yerovam to the desert. And 170 strong men took him there, all righteous men from the tribe of Efraim, that he wouldn't fall in to the sin of Yerovam.

And from this son of Aviyah, will go out this Moshiach. Therefore it is written "And all of Israel eulogized him and buried him" (Melachim Aleph 14) And this was sealed, this prophecy, for its time and prophecy for the future. For this by itself will come to Yerovam to his grave because there is something good found for Hashem, G-d of Israel in the house of Yerovam. That is Moshiach, which is a good thing for Hashem.

Because the Avot will know, that HaKadosh Baruch Hu is remembering His doe and His nation, there will be so much happiness upon happiness on that day. In the northern land, kingdom of Teiman, there will be trouble upon troubles on that day for Am Yisrael, and their prayers will be gladly accepted. And on the night of that day, the Shechinah will return to the house, and Moshiach to his place, and the Avot to their cave.

The Shechinah will go and return by Moshe for 70 days. At the end of 70 days, the cry of Israel will go up before the Holy King, that they are causing troubles for them at all corners of the world. And one Knesset on the south will be destroyed and lost. And amongst them 5 Righteous Men of Truth will be killed.

And then 32 days after they will kill that Knesset, HaKadosh Baruch Hu will dress that small shofar with zealotry. And that Moshiach ben Efraim will spread out a cover like a bull that his horns go up like an ox.

And that small shofar, will call out Teruah Tekiah and Teruah 3 times at the head of the mountain as at first, and then the flags of that Moshiach will travel, and a great noise will fall on the world by the voices of that shofar. And all the people of the world will see and hear. Like it says "All the residents of the land and, and dwellers of the earth like the raising of a staff will see, and like the blowing of the shofar you will hear" (Yeshayahu 18).

And then the idols in the Holy Land will be burned. And 3 wars the sons of Yishmael will do with Moshiach. And they will come and bow to the Ruler of the World on the Holy Mountain in Yerushalayim. And these wars will be in the 6th millenium.

And in the month of Bul (Cheshvan), the haters will fall, and all the remaining idols will be removed from the Holy Land. And from there they will go and arouse wars on the world. And will they are doing these wars with the people of the earth, the children of Edom will gather on the Holy Land, and capture it, and control it for 12 months.

At the end of 12 months, the entire world will erupt and quake. And between these times, the Shechinah will go and return to the cave of Moshe. And the Melech HaMoshiach will be hidden for 9 months, like the months of childbirth, and these 9 months, he will accept upon himself much pain and suffering.

And while this is happening, HaKadosh Baruch Hu increases his suffering, and he will enter in the paths of one tree, for he has a great, holy, and strong tree. And there in 70 branches, he will take the measurements of the diagonals, and take 70 appointed ones, that circle the 70 branches of the tree, to those measurements of the diagonals, and they will be found to be forbidden one weight of a measure and a half (וישתכחון אסורין חד תקלא דמכילא ופלגו). Then he will bring them down from every branch.

And many branches which are small and which aren't small will break when he brings them down, because they are caught up in the (main) branches, and will break coming down. Then many of the Holy Nation will break between the legs of the other nations. And all these appointed ones, will pass them through Nehar Dinur, and will have their control taken away.

And in the mean time, Moshiach will suffer much pain and suffering like a woman in childbirth. About this time it is written "Hashem will respond to you in the day of trouble" (Tehillim 20:1). That these 9 verses are like the months of pregnancy. And there are 70 words, like the 70 years in the 6th millenium, he will give birth and control the whole world. And because this is during the 9 months, they will be visible all night, from midnight onwards, a chariot of fire, and horses of fire outside of the heavens, that do war, one with another, until the morning light.

After these 9 months, HaKadosh Baruch will awaken this Moshiach, and bring him out of Gan Eden. And this day that he comes out, the whole world will shake, and everyone in the world will think that he is dying.

And on this day it is written "And they will go in to caves of rocks and in to holes in the earth from fear of Hashem" That is the Shechinah, that will be raised up from this time going forward, and the Moshiach with her. "And from the glory of His majesty" - that is the Moshiach, "when he arises to shake the earth." (Yeshayahu 2:19). And then "And he will gather the dispersed of Israel and the outcast of Yehudah he will gather" (Yeshayahu 11:12).

That is in 60 years of the 6th millenium, and they will go afterwards and HaKadosh Baruch Hu will do for them many miracles.


  1. Yishar Koach.

    Perhaps we can say that the sod of רע'ד points to the period of Pekida until Zechira - רע'ד from the end of the day brings us to the bright beginning of the Pekida, and רע'ד from the beginning of the day brings to the dark end of the period.

  2. Indeed this is confusing and must have a sod. If it weren't for the fact that it says 60, and it says raising out of the dust, I would say it is all the tsarot between Pekidah and Zechirah (including the 6 years of Zechirah itself). It is still not clear for me. I need to ponder it some more.

  3. What do you make of the last line, בשתין שנין? That 60 refers to the whole period between 60 and 66?

  4. Yes: 60 and 66 are details of one sod, and these details are coded here differently, and in fact more precisely, through רע'ד.

  5. Would you provide a hint/example of how you are reading this, what is 66 and what is 60?

  6. I take it that the sod of רע'ד is as in my first comment here, i.e., refers to the Pekida time in extended sense, pointing from the very beginning to the very end. The very beginning would be at 499 of the right, the very end just before 66.

    I fell that the data are too fitting to 5727 to ignore with this minyan (to 499), and Shmita and Yovel together. And the same holds for 5774, again Shmita and Yovel together.

    But I don't think that all of the text fits 60-66. It is about later times also. I don't think that is a problem. After all, it talks about 70 also.

  7. So the Chiddush here, for you, is that the Pekidah started in 5727 and the Zechirah begins in 5776 (confirming the Yovel years)? If that is indeed the sod, it makes 5750 a hinge for Acharit HaYamim, aside from its other sodot. +-24 years.

  8. Or should I say 5751 - 24, 5750 + 24

  9. I should have written 5775 of course (5501+274). So: 5751 - 24, 5751 + 24.

  10. 5751 was indeed a pivotal year, multiple meanings of course.

    Sorry for making the blog disappear temporarily. I should really hit the preview button next time.

  11. Do you think this sad Kol is related to the Kol of "Kol HaTor"?

  12. It could be related, I am not sure. Something to consider.

  13. 274 steps on the Left after Churban Bayit Sheini is 5751. Lower-level proof that this year is related.

  14. And it would seem to me... the Vav of 6 years, in the case of 60 floats around the actual year of 60, due to its proximity to 499...

    מה שאין כן בשתין ושית

    It has nothing preceding within 6 years.

    Perhaps that is why the evil didn't occur in the years up to 5727, the light of Pekidah was able to extend backwards through 499. Maybe that doesn't make any sense. Shabbat Shalom

  15. Or perhaps as the Ramchal says, the Pekidah is of the bechinah of מדלג על ההרים.

  16. Maks sense. The Israeli army surprised the Arabs by attacking first. The Light surprised the Sitra Achra by appearing before its time.

  17. i am sorry if i might sound ignorant.At the end of your post the zohar says "That is in 60 years of the 6th millenium" does that mean the zohar is saying that moshiach will come in the year 60 (example 5860 or 5960)thank you for your time

  18. The Zohar does not provide easy calculations for Moshiach's arrival. The 60 has nothing to do with the digits of the Hebrew year.