Monday, May 19, 2008

Birkat HaChamah - Summary / Table of Contents

Here are the individual articles.  For the online book, click here.
  • Misconceptions - Geulah in 5769 - Explains the background logic and teachings behind Birkat HaChamah, dispelling the idea that the Birkat HaChamah in 5769 is the 3rd time in history that it will fall on Erev Pesach.
  • Birkat HaChamah - More on the Cycle - More explanations on the results of the 365.25 year, namely a 7 year cycle, on top of the 4 year cycle which is explicit in Rashi on Brachot 59b
  • Birkat HaChamah - Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer - The 28 year cycle is part of an overall system, where the sun cycle is 28 years long, and the lunar cycle is 21 years long, creating an 84 year cycle. The obviously intentional inaccuracies in the math here hint that there is a far deeper idea behind Birkat HaChamah.
  • Birkat HaChamah - Sifrai Ditzniuta - On the claim that 5769 is an auspicious time because it is a Birkat HaChamah year, and also the year after Shmitah, and that is an auspicious time for the Geulah per the GR"A. The quotation is discussed here and its parallels to the same phraseology in that commentary by the GR"A.
  • The 84 Year Cycle and Eiruvin 56a - Examines the relation between the cycles presented in Pirkei D'Rebbi Eliezer and the Baraita of Shmuel in Eiruvin 56a.
  • Birkat HaChamah - Charts - These color coded charts show the hourly cycle of the week and the resultant Solar, Lunar, and combined Solar-Lunar cycles.
  • The Resultant Cycles - The cycles that come out of the Solar and Lunar Cycles.
  • On the 12-Year-Long Day - Discussing the math behind the 12 year cycle.
  • Hints on the Sod of Birkat HaChamah
  • Birkat HaChamah Online Book - summarizing most everything above.

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