Sunday, July 27, 2008

David HaMelech's Rise to Power

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The beginning of Shmuel Bet describes the chain of events from the time of the death of Shaul HaMelech.

  • Shaul HaMelech dies, his son, Ish Boshet, assumes the role of king. David moves with his people to Chevron, where the tribe of Yehudah takes David as their king.


  • The House of Shaul and the House of David battle, with the House of David constantly becoming more powerful at the expense of the House of David. (For an alternate opinion on the timing, see the Malbim on chapter 2 verse 10)


  • Avner ben-Ner, the general of Shaul and now Ish Boshet, tries to bring the nation under David HaMelech, but Yoav ben-Tzeruyah murders Avner to avenge Asa'el's death.


  • All Israel comes to Chevron to make David king of all Israel.


  • David HaMelech moves to Ir David, near the city of Yerushalayim. Chiram pays tribute to David. After coming to Yerushalayim, the Plishtim attack twice. After this, the Aron is brought to the house of Oved Edom haGiti and then Beit David, then 3 months later to Ir David.

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