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Imrei Binah Translation

(My commentary is within parenthesis).

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Sidra Kadma’ah – At Mount Sinai, a voice went out and said “In this Yovel year, you will return, each man to his inheritance”.  At (the time of) 1938 years after the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (which was in 3829, which makes a total of 5767), each man will return to his inheritance, and the year after these years will be the Great Yovel, and Yovel releases at the beginning, therefore at the beginning the holy nation will return to its inheritances.

Leva’ah said: For sure this is the explanation of these words: In the year of the 48th Yovel (cycle), in the beginning, in the middle, in the end.  In the end for sure, when it says “I am Hashem, in its time I will hasten it”.  Come and see: The Holy Nation counted 59 Shmitah years when the Beit HaMikdash stood (3416 + 7*59 = 3829), and when it was destroyed, they stopped counting, and until the time of the Geulah will be 277 Shmitah years that they didn’t count (3829 + 277 * 7 = 5767).  This is hinted at in the words “Isn’t it hidden with me”? (Devarim 32:34) (Gematria of 292).  Oy vey to them, that the (time until) the redemption of the Holy Shechinah has been lengthened another times and a half time, the sign for which is "The Truth Sprouts up from the Ground" (where truth is a sign).  Truth (Emet) is an abbreviation for Elef (1000) Meot (hundreds) Tesha (nine) (i.e. 1900), and the word Eretz (land) with 2 Gematrias (adding the simple Gematria and the small Gematria of Eretz together) is 303 (303 * 19 = 5757, the number of completed 19 year cycles before 5768).

Nehurai said: For sure these words and calculations of this verse are clear and sure, and this is certainly a hint at the redemption of the Holy Nation in this verse, and the Friends know this (the author hints that what he says is to be found hinted at elsewhere in earlier works).  And the year after these years is the Great Yovel, this matter is certain and we know it from what we learned: In the year 3408 from Adam HaRishon, which is 3409 from Molad BaHaRa”D, the year of Tohu, which we learned from the prophets (that is to say, the author is giving prophetic weight to the Jewish chronology), the Holy and Awesome Name that comes out of the 42 letters at the beginning of the Torah.

 בראשית וב"הו ויאמ"ר ויב"דל

And that is “Open for me the gates of righteousness and I will come in them” (In them in Gematria is 42).  In the 42 letters of the Explicit Name, to know every letter and its repair, and thus have the masters of the Mishnah taught: “To my heart I have revealed it, to my limbs I haven’t revealed it” (My heart in Gematria is 42).  “My heart” is a name that is 42 letters long.  The Written Torah is called “My Heart” and the Oral Torah is called “Mouth”.  The King did not reveal it to the Mouth.  To “My Heart” I revealed it, which is the 72 of the Sanhedrin (The 70 members, plus Moshe and Aharon are 72), but to the others, which are like the rest of the limbs, about which it is said “but to my limbs I didn’t reveal it”, and the redemption is dependent on the heart, about which it is said: “the heart sees”, and because of that “For it is a day of vengeance in My Heart”, and thus they have taught “G-d lives (lives, חי, Gematria of 18): Lie down until morning” (Rut 3:13), the nation in 18, which are included in the 18 blessings of the prayers, in which the redemption is dependent, and in which it is revealed, which is the foundation of 18 worlds, about which it is said “my eyes and heart are there for all days” (Divrei HaYamim 2-7:16).  (i.e. “My Heart” will see it, the 18 blessings of the prayers, every day, in order to merit the redemption).  There are amongst Israel eyes, that is what is written “And if from the eyes of the congregation”, and there are those of them that are the heart, “the heart understands, heart knows”, “and from the sons of Yissachar are the those that know of understanding for times.”   “Times” in מנצפ"ך Gematria is equal to 1080 parts of the hour, the calculation of the moon.  (to) “My Heart” I revealed, “My Heart” in Gematria is 42, “to My Limbs” I did not reveal, those are the 252 amount of height, 7 times 42 (=294) cycles of the moon give the Gematria of “knowers of righteousness” (Gematria 294) cycles of the moon, and when this calculation comes out, of “Knowers of Righteousness”, with it goes 42 cycles of Shabbat, “And they will rest in them (In them is 42 in Gematria), all of Israel, sanctifiers of Your Name”.  And with the passing of those (cycles), the 252 (cycles) in “When the morning stars sing together” (Iyov 38:7), which are the 252 limbs of the height of Imma, mother of the children, and the prayers and requests of Israel will go out, “See, please, our poor state” (first initials in Gematria are 252), and the whole world will be in happiness and complete peace,

And at a time known to the Friends, they said to the Tsaddik “for it is good, raise (raise in Gematria is 301) the“ number of B’nei Yisrael.  (At) “raise” (301) cycles of the moon, the freedom of Yovel (number) 47 will begin the Yovel (cycle) of Yovel (which is in Gematria 48), at that time all of the judgments are subdued, as it says “and death is swallowed up for eternity”, and at that time “השתררה דויד מלך ישראל חי וקים”, (Gematria 1939), and the moon will be full, and the hint at this matter is “And Hashem blessed Avraham with everything” (with everything in Gematria is 52), gematria of 52, the male, and freedom will be for the male with the female.  Some birds will chirp in supplication to their mother, which is the Holy Imma, and about her it is said “and also a bird has found a home, a nest is freedom for her”, that is the Upper Imma, Yovel, about which it is said “and you shall call a dror in the land”.

(Returning to the calculations)

In these years, B’nei Yisrael went out of Bavel and built the honored Beit HaMikdash, and after 6 years, Ezra came out and sanctified the land with eternal sanctity, to count Shmitah and Yovel according to the opinion of Rebbi Yehudah bar Ilai (who is the Rebbi Yehudah of the Mishnah), that says that the 50th year of the Yovel counts to both the first and second cycle.  To be called the 50th of the first cycle, to make it Yovel, and for the following one to make it the beginning of the Shmitah cycle.  And in the 420th year of the Beit HaMikdash, it was destroyed, “and the land was chaos” when the 1st Beit HaMikdash was destroyed, and “darkness on the face of the deep” when the 2nd Beit HaMikdash was destroyed, like the Gematria of “was” (420, Bayit Sheini stood 420 years), etc., there will be in life (?) 4 kingdoms that total the gematria of אש"ם (which it gives as an abbreviation for) 1875, אשם אשם לה', and then S”M and his mate will be lost from the world.  “And all the sons of Shet (Shet in Gematria is 700).  In 700 in to the 6th millennium and an additional 4, a hint to the 4 kingdoms, that have stood: Tohu is Bavel, vaVohu is Madai, v’Choshech is Yavan, Al P’nei Tehom is Edom, that during the time of their rule, the moon is Tohu in its defect.  Three hundred cycles like the gematria of “and the earth”, 2 extra as a hint to the 2 Batei Mikdash that were destroyed and about which it says “and the earth is the dwelling place of My Legs”, and when the "You send out Your Spirit and they are created, and You renew the face of the earth", that at the time of their rulership, it is said of King David "You have profaned his crown to the ground", and the S"M was not afraid of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, which is the Heavens.

And he destroyed the Beit HaMikdash at the 420th year of its building, in the year 3829, starting at the Molad of Tohu, the year after Shmitah, at a time set aside for retribution.  When the 1st Beit HaMikdash was destroyed, it was the year after Shmitah year, Saturday night, and the 9th of Av, and thus it was by the 2nd Beit HaMikdash.

And from the time that they started to count Shmitah and Yovel, there were 414 years while the Beit HaMikdash stood (that they counted), and until 1938 years after the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash, it is a grand total of 2352 years, and you will find in this is equal to 48 Yovels, (48, which is) the Gematria of (the word) Yovel.  And in these Yovels there are 335 Shmitah years, of which 59 are equal to 413 years, a hint at the word HaZot ("this", of the the phrase "In this Yovel year") they counted when the Beit HaMikdash stood, and on Tishah B'Av on the 1st year of the Shmitah cycle, the 2nd Beit HaMikdash was destroyed, and they stopped to count (for the duration of) 277 shmitah years that weren't counted.  The secret of that is "and is it not hidden with Me?" (The commentary there says gematria of part of this expression taken in a certain way is 277) מנא מנא the gematria of this is in a known way to the wise, and you will find it to be proper, it is said in the way of gematria parperaot l'chochmah, but this secret is a secret of Hashem for those that fear Him.  דלאו בלאותא דרזא דמהימנותא

And at the beginning of the 49th Yovel cycle, the freedom of the 48th Yovel, in the year 5768, it is the Great Yovel, and the holy nation will return to its inheritence.

And at that time, the Vav will go up to its level, 6 degrees to the chair, etc.  Heh is 5000 years from the creation of the world, Vav is the 6th millenium in 248 (sinews of the body), and in the left, that there is the heart to take vengeance from the nations of the world, and the hint at this is "a day of vengeance in My Heart".

(I don't know how to translate the next  sentence, which is part of the previous paragraph)

בשתא קדמאה בטרן שמטיא תליתאה ביובלא ום ותליתאה

Zeira said: In the Aleph Beit I have learned (the following): It is written (Eichah 2:18) "Their heart cried out", etc "Oh Wall of the daughter of Tzion, bring down tears as a river", etc, "don't let the apple of your eye cease", etc.  Oy Vey that the kingdom of this snake, the dark kingdom that has darkened the light, about which it is written "and darkness on the face of the deep" (Breishit 1:2) (this is referencing the kingdom of Edom as mentioned above), and the visions of the prophets ceased, and the kingdom is over the whole world, and control has been given to it (this kingdom), to remember the kingdom with contracts (Here it is referencing the year that Minyan of Shtarot began, 3448/3449), and long life was given to it, 2300 (years) until the time and season, 5748, and until that time is a time, times, and a half since the destruction of the 1st Beit HaMikdash, 3 times (the Gematria of) סתר and a half (660 * 3.5 = 2310), as it is written "I will hide My Face from them", "And (I will surely hide My Face", (as if to say) I will remove my presence from them, the Holy Ark, the Urim and Tumim, and they won't be in the 2nd Beit HaMikdash, until the time of the redemption, that is known to the wise, then "the voice of the mute will sing" (will sing in Gematria is 650), "and he will break all the sons of Shet" (Shet in Gematria is 700), and on Shavuot they will go out in the merit of Moshe, which is Matan Torah, mercy and in him is "Like an eagle that arouses his nest", in the 6th millenium in 248 in "and the left" that there is the heart, in 248 years after the middle, which is 500 years that go out at once, (that is) "Tzion will rejoice, the daughters of Yehudah will be glad, for the sake of your statutes, Hashem" (will rejoice in Gematria is 748), and the hint at this matter is "for it is a day of vengeance in my heart", and for sure it is included in the middle column, (for it is the) middle column from which the Torah was given, which includes the right and the left, in the Wall (implying gematria of "wall of", 448) of Tiferet, (Isaiah 44:13) "according to the beauty of the man to sit in the house".

And at that time, (Isaiah 52) "for eye to eye they will see when Hashem returns to Tzion", the light of the eye, which is the center column, the apple of the eye is its house, and at that time, the upper Shechinah will be like an eagle that awakens its nest, which is Yerushalayim.

And in the book of the cherished man (Daniel), when we see that there are two "times" (that will be completed) in the year 5640 / 5690 (2300 + 3340 [approximate time of Churban Bayit Rishon] = 5640, and 2300 + 3390 [time of Pekidah of Koresh] = 5690), evening morning, and the holy ones will be justified, until that time, "and truth will be thrown to the ground, and giving, and the holy ones and the army trampled, 2300 from the time of the first order for Exile (3390) by the Ruler Moshiach (Koresh).

Oy Vey from this time that the Arab mutilators came, in the year 4400 (the Arab conquest of Israel was about the year 637 CE, 4397), and to give a desolating abomination on the place of the Holy of Holies, to build a house (in which) the impure people put their bodies in that house at a time known, 1290.  At that time, smoke will be aroused to that Left in order to make pass from there the S"M, and immediately a different smoke will go out, which is the smoke of the incense, to be burned and sacrificed Right in Left of the column of smoke which is the center column, that is the smoke of the incense, "in this Aharon shall come to the Holy", the End Time of the Right, and the enlightened shall understand, enlightening the middle bar, the עוברא דדשא, a closed סת"ר, End Time of the Right, until ע"ת קייץ משו"מרים לבק"ר שמרי"ם.  For the morning (לבק"ר), in 2 days before the day of the Churban, a word went out: at the end, there will be for you a convocation (עצר"ת), many will be clarified, whitened and purified, and the enlighted will understand and shine like the shining of the firmament.  On the 7th to the convocation is a sabbath of sabbaths, and at that time the building will be built by HaKadosh Baruch Hu, above and below, and it is said in the upper and lower Shechinah.  And the light of the moon shall be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be 7 times the light of the 7 days, the heavens will be glad and the land will rejoice.


  1. A wild guess at the translation:

    The sod of כי יום נקם בלבי ושנת גאולי באה is:
    In the first year of the 3rd Shmitta cycle of the 46th Yovel and a third of the year.

    This comes out close to (but not exactly) what he mentions 2 pages later in the sefer - the year 5640, if we would have been zochin.

    (I also entertained the possibility that the word "ום" should really be "יום", but I have no explanation for that. A day and a third? Maybe you can think of something.)

  2. בשתא קדמאה בטרן שמטיא תליתאה ביובלא ום ותליתאה

    In the first year [???] of the third Shmitah's of the Yovel, [???] and a third.

    Not much clarity.

  3. In the context, it is hard to see the logic of a reference to Yovel 46. Maybe: In the beginning of the third Shmita of the Yovel and 40 and a third.

  4. So that is 14 years after the Yovel. 14 years after what Yovel? 14 after 5768 would be of course 5782.

  5. I noticed. It could still depend on how you interpret the last two words. It reminded me of the letter of the GR"A.

  6. Perhaps the last two words mean 46 thirds of years, and thus explain the first part of the sentence - 46 thirds of years is two Shmitot and a little.

  7. You did not translate the first Oy Vey.

  8. Regarding 46/3, 15 is the difference between 277 and 292.

  9. I added the overlooked sentence. Thanks