Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 Steps to Geulah

Per the Gemara mentioned in the last post, the beginning of the return of the Shechinah is hinted at in Yeshayahu 52:2, "Shake the dust off of yourself, rise and sit, Yerushalayim". This is in this week's haftarah.

This is related to the Pekidah, which occurs at 60. So what, then are the 10 steps back to Geulah?

In Kol HaTor chapter 5, part 1, we have the following:

For everything there is a time, and an appointed season to every desire - Hidden hints in the ways of the Atchalta in the sod of Tzofnat Pa'aneach. Appointed end times in the secret of "The time of the song bird" and "The time to favor her", within the 7 Pekidot from the 1st hour of the light of the morning of the 6th millenium in the age of the End of Days in the Last Generation until the Final End, the Wonderous End in Daniel 9.

The surprising thing here is that the phrase "the Wonderous End" does not occur in Daniel 9, but in Daniel 12. Daniel 9 is alone among the later chapters of Daniel as being interpreted widely as about something not related to the End of Days, namely the time of Bayit Sheini.

The 70 weeks of Daniel 9 are (partially) related to the 100 steps of Yesod that I've mentioned before.

As such, the final 10 steps are the steps between the beginning of the Pekidah and the Final End mentioned, by which time the Shechinah will be back in its place.

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