Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It is brought in Kabbalah that Yesod is made up of 3 sections.  The first 2 are Yesod, and the 3rd is Ateret HaYesod.  Furthermore, Yesod of Chochmah stands in such a way that Ateret HaYesod of Chochmah corresponds to the full length of Yesod of Z"A.  So therefore if the 100 years mentioned in the Zohar relate to Yesod of Z"A, there are 200 years prior to this that relate to the first 2/3 of Yesod of Chochmah.  This explains the wording of the Zohar that there is a Keitz referred to as רנ"ו, the Gematria of 256.  This means that after the 200 years of Yesod of Chochmah, there are 56 on the level of Yesod of Z"A, bringing us to the year the State of Israel was founded.  A further Keitz of רע"ב is mentioned, which is yet ahead of us.  It appears that the 200 years mentioned began in the early life of Shlomo HaMelech, who requested from Hashem Chochmah (Melachim Aleph 5:9).

But the timing of the start of Yesod of Z"A is due to a sin that took place in Am Yisrael's history.  The 100 years should have started earlier.  If so, it appears that the 200 years of Yesod of Chochmah would therefore have started during Moshe Rabbeinu's youth, and as is known, Moshe Rabbeinu was an emmanation of Yesod of Chochmah.

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