Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kaftor VaFerach ch. 51 on Yovel - English

On the matter of Yovel: The beginning of the count was from 14 years after they entered the Land.  From Yetziat Mitzraim to the building of Bayit Rishon is 480 years.  In the desert, 40 years, 14 years of conquering and division, therefore 54 years (after Yetziat Mitzraim was the beginning of the counting).  Take these (54 years) from the 480 years, and you end up with 426 years, and then Bayit Rishon was built.  Add this to the 410 years that it stood, and you get 836, and then it was destroyed.  800 years is 16 Yovels.  If so, it was during the 36th year of the 17th Yovel that it was destroyed.  Take the remaining 14 years from the 70 years (of Galut Bavel) and you have 56 years.  And the 420 years that (the 2nd Beit HaMikdash) stood, behold that is 9 Yovels, and you are left with 26 years from the 10th Yovel cycle.  If so, the Yovel took place 24 years after the Churban.  Take 24 years away from 172 (which complete 4000 years), and you are left with 148 years.  If so, the count of Yovels is from 148 years after the Churban.  For example, for our date that we have mentioned, add 148 and the complete 5th millennium years and 82 years, and you will have 1230 years.  1200 years is 24 Yovels.  And we are in the 30th year of the 25h Yovel, and thus on this pattern.  And Chazal have already said: Just like the Shmitah makes rest one year for every seven, thus the world will rest for one thousand years for every seven thousand years, as is brought in Perek Chelek (Masechet Sanhedrin)

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