Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why the 48th Yovel?

(See here for context)

The sefer Imrei Binah attaches significance to the 48th Yovel in particular because the Gematria of Yovel is 48, therefore this is Yovel of "Yovel" (as opposed to the Yovel of Yovels that I have mentioned before which would be number 50.

Furthermore, on page 5/6 of the sefer, it is mentioned that the preparation for Yovel # 48 starts at the beginning of cycle # 48, which is the year of Yovel # 47.

By the logic in this sefer, that would refer to the year 5720 (1960), wherein no great events of mention took place for Am Yisrael.

Rather, I would here point to the system that I have shown here, that the 47th Yovel was 5727, the Six Day War.

There are some positives to this method that I have developed.

  • It fulfills the statement made in the Zohar Chadash regarding Shmitah and Yovel falling in the same year, as well as the proof calculation of being 274 from the 6th day.
  • It applies the statement of Eilu v'eilu divrei Elokim Chayim to the disagreement regarding the 50 and 49 year cycle.
  • The events of the Six Day War are of a Yovel-ic nature.
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