Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Zohar speaks about the timing of the Geulah, with the most abundant number of "dates" given in Parshat Vayera 119. I have mentioned (here) the transition from Yesod to Ateret HaYesod, and how this ends with the Zechirah.

What I didn't mention is that there are 100 years of the Right and 100 years of the Left, and they run concurrently.

It of course makes sense that Avraham Avinu is related to the Right, and the Zohar in every place refers to the Right when presenting a time.

The Left also has its own count to 100, but there are no complicating overlaps. Its dividing point between Yesod and Ateret HaYesod is this year, 5769, which makes sense, as this is the year of note for Yitzchak, who is rooted in the Left. Though I mention Ateret HaYesod, this is not to be confused with Yemot HaMoshiach, however, for the Left is for beginnings, the Right is for completion.

Therefore, we are currently entering a period of transition to Yemot HaMoshiach. That is to say we have 3 transition points that arise:

  1. 5769 - Ateret HaYesod is reached on the Left, the hidden side.
  2. 5777/5778 - Yesod and Ateret HaYesod are mixed on the Right.
  3. 5783 - Ateret HaYesod is reached on the Right

There is another transition period, one which lasts fairly precisely from the Pekidah to the Zechirah. This is referred to in Kabbalah as the Nesirah, hinted at in Zohar VaEra 27, expanded upon in the Arizal there. Due to the math, it is similar to the transition to Ateret HaYesod, only in reverse.

The overlap period on the Right (wherein we enter this transition) is between 5727 and 5734 (unlike the overlap of Yesod and Ateret HaYesod, where the overlap is at the conclusion), corresponding to the euphoria in Israel after the Six Day War, that is, up until the Yom Kippur War.

From 5734 until 5772, we are in this transition period in all aspects. The transition period on the Right ends in 5772, on the Left in 5783.

Due to the nature of this transition, its main effects are felt at its conclusion (and so the comment that Left preceeds Right is not relevant here). This effect corresponds nicely to the Zechirah: Heavenly abundance will again flow to Am Yisrael.

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